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11 March 2021

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Double C Mark - I see both Sides Like Chanel

by Charlotte Hou
Frank Ocean said he "sees both sides like Chanel". "See on both sides like Chanel" or is it "C on both sides like Chanel"? One thing we know for sure, that beautiful logo featuring the two "C's" facing two different directions is quintessential Chan...

24 February 2021

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Fine Print Co Launches Vogue Print Collection

Franchisor Client, Fine Print Co has been featured in various publications after Vogue launches the Vogue Print Collection through Fineprint Co. Vogue is releasing more than 100 images including its covers as wall art. The imagery has been selected from Vogue Australia's archives by Edwina ...

17 February 2021

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The Pickle between the Big Mac and the Big Jack

by Mia Vine
The world-renowned fast-food restaurant McDonald's' first franchise was opened on April 15th, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Since then, the global foodservice retailer has franchised and operated a total of 38,695 restaurants. In Australia, there is currently a public feud between Mc...

11 February 2021

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Uber Trade Mark Removal Application Fails

by Sam Rees
Have you heard of a ride share company called Uber? You know, the global disruptor of the taxi industry which we all order from our phones after one too many margaritas!

Well, what happens when the Global giant that is UBER discover another business owns a similar prior registered Trademark ...

28 January 2021

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Memory Lane Opening

Great clients doing great things! Congratulations to Shammi Prasad on the opening of his new bar in Broadbeach - Memory Lane.  ...