About IP Partnership Lawyers

IP Partnership is a modern boutique commercial law firm specialising in Intellectual Property (IP), Franchising Law and general Commercial law.

So what sort of people are a part of the IP Partnership family? To start with, we share a common love. We love songs, we love photography, we love new restaurant concepts, we love new brands, we love new apps, we love new product designs, and we love new and exciting ways of doing old things. We love new ideas.. Our experienced commercial lawyers are experts in Franchising, Intellectual Property and Commercial Law. If you need a firm that does a bit of everything, that is not us. We stick with what we know we are the best at, and that is IP and handling business transactions.

Since 1995 IP Partnership has been developing and maintaining long-term relationships with Australian businesses. It is our business to ensure your business is achieving success by properly leveraging your IP. Whether you are starting out and require assistance with protecting your trademarks and preparing Shareholders Agreements or Leases or you may be ready to take your business to the next level and you require us to prepare compliant Franchise documentation for your business to start a brand new Franchise System, or draft other bespoke contracts for your business. We are your commercial lawyers for the task.

Perhaps you already operate a Franchise System in Australia and are thinking about taking your business offshore? No problem. We can assist you and help your business expand overseas (this starts with registering trademarks in the countries that you require protection in, and may require us to prepare franchise documentation for various countries outside Australia (if we are unable to draft the documentation due to language or other reasons we will connect you with a local lawyer). At whatever stage of the journey you are with your business, it would be our pleasure to assist you.
At IP Partnership, we are lawyers that understand business. It's our motto (one a few). We get business and our lawyers will help you get it done... and get it done promptly. We also understand that as your lawyers, what we do reflects on what you do. So we ensure your business documents are exceptional and our lawyers are professional in all dealings. We want other people to love your business as much as we do. Sure, we are "the lawyers", but we like to think of ourselves as part of your team.

We are a modern Australian boutique law firm offering big smoke quality but with that personal touch. As our Client, we take your instructions seriously... but as lawyers, we make sure not to take ourselves too seriously.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of business owners. These franchisees, franchisors, licensors, lessors, lessees, distributors, and independent organisations in countless different industries. We are fortunate we work with businesses we are proud to call clients, we are proud not simply because of their success alone, but because they are run are by great operators.
If your values align with our values, we would love to connect with you.