Business Structuring

IP Partnership provides comprehensive business structuring advice to ensure that the Intellectual Property of our clients is as protected as possible but also held in a manner which provides maximum flexibility from an accounting perspective.

We also provide a full range of implementation services including:

  • Incorporation of a private company.
  • Establishment of Unit Trusts and Family/Discretionary Trusts.
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property including international licences.
  • Transferring Intellectual Property including international transfers.
  • Share Buy Backs.
  • Share Sales/Purchases.
  • Shareholder Agreements.

We work closely with client's preferred accountant in order to ensure that no conflicting advice is provided and that clients gain maximum benefit from their structure.

The age old saying, 'a stitch in time saves nine' could not be truer when it comes to business structuring and it is particularly the case where clients operate their business with a partner or investor.  These arrangements are common and disputes are difficult to resolve where there is little or no documentation what the parties intended in happier times.

IP Partnership believes that business structuring is the first thing that should be considered when starting a business and it also forms the first phase of the Franchise Package.

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