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What documents do you need when you start a Business?

10 January 2024

Starting your own business can be a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor. Here at IP Partnership Lawyers, we are prepared to set your business up for success by curating legal documents that will simplify the start of your business. Below are some of the matters IP Partnership will assist our Clients with when it comes to starting a new business.


Your business’s brand is vital to its success, so it is worth safeguarding. Seeking to register your trademark is a great way to protect your brand against anybody who may seek to profit from your brand’s recognisability. Registering your trademark can prevent others from using your logo or name and ensures the blood, sweat and tears you poured into your business is protected – you need to remember that your logo and/or brand is the face of your business! So this is a top priority. IP Partnership can guide you through this process and will assist with everything from Application through to Registration. If your business is selling products offshore, our team will assist with international trademark protection.

Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality agreements, or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) serve to protect your business’s sensitive information when dealing with third parties. NDAs create a contract which does not allow for private information to be shared with others. NDAs protect your trade secrets and can provide recourse in the event these are shared with other parties. Confidential information may include details of your suppliers, ingredients, financial details and any sensitive information about how you operate your business.

Terms and Conditions

Every business should have a list of individually tailored terms and conditions. This list outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties in a deal.  The terms and conditions is the contract that binds your customer or client with you and it is important to ensure commercial lawyers have drafted your contract in such a way as to avoid disputes about payment, or expectations regarding your goods or services. It is important for a business to have well drafted terms and conditions. By speaking to one of our legal experts, you can ensure that your business’s terms and conditions are both legally enforceable and protect your legitimate interests.

Privacy Policy

Australian law requires that businesses disclose how customer information could be used. IP Partnership can assist with drafting a privacy policy that encompasses everything customers need to know about how their information is being used.

Employment or Contractor Agreements

Employment agreements are essential for any business seeking to hire employees. This agreement will serve to outline the roles and responsibilities of an employee so that both sides have transparency. Much like employment agreements, contractor agreements are necessary for a new business because they create expectations for both sides and establish how payments will be made. Australia is highly governed when it comes to employees, and this is why it is so important for businesses to ensure they seek expert legal advice from commercial lawyers to ensure their contract agreements and employment agreements are legal, enforceable and protect the interests of your business. As a firm with particular expertise in commercial IP, we ensure our employment agreements and contractor agreements contain clauses that adequately protect the client’s intellectual property.

Distribution or Supply Agreements

For some, distribution and supply agreements are a way your business makes its money. IP Partnership can assist in drafting these agreements so that your business always enters into agreements that meet your expectations, and minimizes the risk of disputes regarding payments from clients or customers.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder agreements outline how a business will be managed and establish shareholder rights. This agreement can help the original shareholders maintain control of the business once new shareholders buy in. Furthermore, drafting a strong shareholder agreement can resolve disputes quickly and pragmatically as the parties spend time in the initial stages of starting their business, considering how they intend to do business  together.

How can IP Partnership Lawyers Assist?

IP Partnership can help protect your business, whether you have been operating for 20 years or before you start trading, by taking care of all these commercial legal matters so you can focus on running your business. If you have any queries about any commercial legal documents or require advice regarding your business, contact the experts at IP Partnership.


This blog provides general information and is not intended as legal advice specific to your circumstances.