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21 August 2020

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Free the Flag?

by Ellen Baker
  The AFL and Indigenous community are outraged over WAM Clothing Pty Ltd owning the exclusive use of the Aboriginal flag design. There are widespread calls for the AFL and the Australian Government to protest a co...

5 August 2020

Read More US Trade Mark Case

by Ellen Baker
United States Patent And Trademark Office, Et Al, Petitioners v Booking.Com B.V.
The world's leading digital travel company has recently won a key legal trade mark case where the Court found "" was not a 'generic term' and could be a registered t...

7 May 2020

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Copyright Ownership of Musical Works in Joint Authorship at an International Scale

by Eric Yarascavitch
Musician's invest time, money and emotion into their musical works.  A common trait arises with musicians, which is a lack of knowledge within the legal field and the avoidance of using lawyers to review or use contractual agreements.   On occasion, disputes arise over who ow...

10 February 2020

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ACCC give Geowash a big hose down

by Sam Rees
The ACCC have taken on another Franchisor! This time it was a car wash Franchise System operated by Geowash Pty Ltd. The director Sanam Ali and the franchising manager Charles Cameron, have been hosed out of business by the ACCC, following an investigation. They have been formally disqualified ...

17 January 2020

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Melbourne Street Art

by Molly Flynn
But did you really visit Melbourne if you didn't snap an Instagram worthy photo at the iconic Hozier Lane?

Hozier Lane is just one location in Australia where tourists and locals alike can visit and view incredible street art at no cost. With over 1000 posts containing the hashtag '#hozi...