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Trade Marks

Think of any large business. The name comes to mind quickly? Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and many more. That name or that logo - the Nike tick, the golden arches it is the most valuable part of the business. It is the reason we as customers or clients trust buy the products or services. Our lawyers understand this and are here to protect your brand and business name.

Trademarks are an integral part of the success of a business and yet it is often misunderstood, underused or undervalued by business owners.  It is all too common for people to only value their IP once they believe it is being infringed or stolen by someone else.

Strategic protection as early as possible is key.  This is achieved by appropriate business structuring, registrations, NDA's / Confidentiality Deeds and practical steps to prevent infringement or theft.

We will share a common misconception with you - a business name is not a trade mark. It is the most obvious form of the IP of a business but simply registering a Business Name, Company Name or internet domain name does not provide any registered IP rights to that name. You need a Trademark or possibly numerous trademarks.

International Trade Marks

IP Partnership lawyers are experts in trademark registrations both in Australia and internationally and also assist clients with trademark oppositions and removal of trademarks.

In addition, we offer TMSurveillance. TMSurvelliance involves proactively searching trademark registers in Australia and internationally to ensure other businesses are not attempting to register a Trade Mark similar to your mark and also searching databases to ensure businesses, who may not be applying for a trademark are not infringing your trademark by operating a business using a name similar to your trademark.

Trade Mark Disputes

Our team of solicitors will also vigorously defend your trademark rights should you be required to commence legal proceedings against another business that is infringing your rights.

So, what next...

One of our experienced solicitors are ready to speak to you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You need to register a Trademark for your business name, product or service;
  • Someone is infringing your Trademark or business name;
  • You need a Trademark overseas;
  • You have received a cease and desist letter about trademark infringement;
  • You have a Trademark portfolio and require TMSurveillance which consists of our firm monitoring trademark applications and businesses websites to ensure your registered trademarks are not being infringed or at risk of being copied.