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21 March 2023

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What to do when someone is using a brand similar to yours?

The first step is to have an Intellectual Property solicitor review the facts. That is, to review the name or logo being used by the competitor and your name and logo. If you have a registered Trade Mark this will be of great significance for you, however you still may have a claim based on your ...

7 February 2023

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Top five reasons why you would need a Shareholders Agreement

by Stacy English
1. They minimise the risk of shareholder disputes The best thing about a Shareholders Agreement are the discussions had in preparing a Shareholders Agreement. Shareholders take future concerns into account and foresee them during the drafting process of a shareholders' agreement. By raising ...

21 December 2022

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Ensure Trade Mark Protection For Your Newly Launched Business Or Product

by Sam Rees
It's an exciting time! You have a new product to release, or a new business to launch. The concept is amazing, you know are happy with the tentative design of the logo you had created. You have secured the domain name and possibly even the business name. You are ready to launch …but at...

30 November 2022

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Lawyers for a Business Purchase: IP Partnership are your commercial solicitors

When it comes to selling a business in Queensland, most lawyers will use the standard REIQ Business Contract. The standard terms are certainly acceptable; however it is important to ensure you have a solicitor prepare or review Special Conditions to ensure your interests are protected. The Spe...

22 November 2022

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Marketing Funds: ‘not merely minimal accounting information’

by Mikayla Phipps
The Franchising Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) imposes onerous obligations on franchisors who operate a Marketing Fund. It’s important that franchisors are aware of their responsibilities and comply strictly to avoid breaching the Code and incurring penalties. Obligations F...