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17 January 2020

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Melbourne Street Art

by Molly Flynn
But did you really visit Melbourne if you didn't snap an Instagram worthy photo at the iconic Hozier Lane?

Hozier Lane is just one location in Australia where tourists and locals alike can visit and view incredible street art at no cost. With over 1000 posts containing the hashtag '#hozi...

18 December 2019

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Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang GUESS?

by Chloe Buchanan
In 2009 Gucci took Guess to a New York Federal Court accusing Guess of counterfeiting, unfair competition and trade mark infringement. The trade mark infringement related to the interlocking "G"s that appear on a line of Guess shoes, which Gucci argue confused customers and caused the...

4 December 2019

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by Ania Salehirad
Gibson will be Flying Very low for a while (pardon the pun) given the outcome of its most recent Trademark dispute.  For those of you newbies to the world of Guitars, the Gibson Flying V is an electric guitar model introduced by Gibson in 1958.  The model offered a "futuristic&qu...