Trade Marks & Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is an integral part of the success of a business and yet it is often misunderstood, underused or undervalued by business owners.  It is common for people to only value their IP once they believe it is being infringed or stolen by someone else.

The best way to protect IP is by strategic protection early in the development of a business.  This is achieved by business structuring, appropriate registrations and practical steps to prevent infringement or theft.

Trade Marks

The trading name of a business is the most obvious form of the IP of a business but simply registering a Business Name, Company Name or internet domain name does not provide any proprietary rights to that name. 

IP Partnership lawyers are experts in Trade Mark registrations both in Australia and internationally and also assist clients with Trade Mark oppositions and applications for the removal of Trade Marks.

In addition, we provide IP portfolio management services to proactively search for possible infringements of a client's IP

IP Leverage

Once adequately protected, IP Partnership provides expert advice to clients wishing to leverage their IP for commercial gain most commonly in the form of franchising or licensing.