Franchise Documents & Strategy

We are experts in franchising... it is as simple as that. We are one of Australia’s leading law firms when it comes to offering a complete, end-to-end solution for Franchisors.

Franchising is a popular model for the growth of a business or business concept. Most successful business owners or entrepreneurs with a new business concept will consider franchising their business or concept due to the proven result of the industry to benefit both the Franchisor and its future Franchisees.

BEAWARE THOUGH! The Franchise model gives a Franchisor a lot of power, and power in the wrong hands can be a bad thing! Think Voldermort or Darth Vader. That is why as a Franchisee it is important to have one of our experienced solicitors review the Agreement or if you are a Franchisor we will advise you on how to effectively wield that power whilst ensuring you are complying with the Code and in a manner that is mutually beneficial to the franchisees in your network. To use the power for good. Think Spider Man or Oprah.

Tailored Franchise Package

IP Partnership has vast experience in Franchising having prepared Code compliant Franchise Documentation or provided specialist advice to hundreds of Franchise Systems over many years.

If you own a business, we offer a tailored Franchise Package to prospective Franchisors on a fixed fee basis which provides you with the required advice and the documentation necessary to establish your Franchise System.

The comprehensive Franchise Package gives you all the advice and documentation you need to establish a Franchise System.


Hear from one of our Franchisor clients..

So, where to from here... a typical client is usually one of the below:-

  • My business is ready to go to the next level and I require solicitors to draft a Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document and or provide me with the  Franchisor Package (which includes structuring advice, trademarks, strategic advice in addition to Franchise documentation);
  • I have received a set of Franchise Documents and I require a firm that specialises in Franchising to review the documents; 
  •  I am an established Franchise System and I need lawyers to assist with entering markets overseas; or
  • I am an aggrieved Franchisee and need some assistance in beating Darth Vader!

If any of the above sounds like you, then let's chat!