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IP Partnership run FITFEB for the Gold Coast community

10 March 2023

In February 2023 IP Partnership Lawyers hosted the third annual FITFEB initiative. FITFEB, in collaboration with another business operated by IP Partnership called NETWORKOUT®, is a month of free wellness and fitness activities for the local business community and professionals. The activities include boxing with former pro boxer Les Sherrington, Yoga on the beach, Ice Baths on the beach, Pilates in the park, Nutritional seminars, 5am functional fitness training classes, beach walks and an 80’s aerobics class.

FITFEB was conceived during the Covid lockdown period to combat stress for staff at IP Partnership. Neighbouring law firms were invited to the events and we quickly realised that the initiative was not only great for staff of the firm, but also any business owner or professional.

Every event hosted by IP Partnership in February was entirely free to attend for any business owner or professional. IP Partnership believes every business has a social responsibility to engage and give back to the community. Given that fitness and exercise is intrinsically linked to mental health and wellbeing, IP Partnership is proud to host events that will have a positive impact of reducing anxiety, depression and stress for staff, local business owners and professionals.

FITFEB also aims to bring people together in the business community in a manner that is not centred around drinking. IP Partnership believe that working out and exercising together builds genuine relationships and long lasting connections. The goal is to create long lasting healthy habits for those who may not ordinarily work out or exercise before or after work.